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Gone are the blogspot days. WordPress is a much cooler platform. I shall do away with the obligatory post New Year entry. I’ve read enough and gotten sick from all that blog surfing. Holidays have been lull. Hence the excessive, compulsive bandwidth usage. Hell, I didn’t even visit Johor.

Believe it or not, I’m looking forward to the school term. Luckily, core modules are pre-assigned. The timetable suck though. Diligence and consistency have always been a problem. I need a burning fag to etch ” attend lectures and tutorials for fuck’s sake” somewhere on my body. Guess writing it on Post-It no longer works.

Has commitment been an issue? Seems like a big word these days. Judgmental used to be pretty big. The ‘in’ word for the coming years is going to be commitment. That being said, can obligations and commitments co-exist? Isn’t an obligation a commitment? or vice versa?

It must be too much Sex and The City.

Ok. When is Singapore finally going to join in the tsunami fun.


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