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ramble bamble

So here I am, having skipped my first lecture. I planned to follow it through Webcast in the luxury of my room, but it screwed on me. The next best thing to do?  Breakfast, Channel News Asia and watching a compulsive HK cafe gamer cum online spree-er depriving me Internet time. Looks like I have to catch it another time, that’s if I gather enough discipline to do so. That’s the downside of missing lectures and relying on Webcasts.

On a seperate note, fuck royalties we have to pay for textbooks.
Maybe I should free load on borrow from others. I seldom refer to textbooks anyway.

I hear they are giving away free slabs of lamb meat at mosques. I crave noodley soupy stuff when it rains. And it didn’t help a bit when all canteens in NUS are closed on public holidays.Can I have mee rubus and mee siam too?


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