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and the grammys goes to…

Been a long while since I caught the Grammys live. Everyone loves the Grammys. Other than star gazing, duets aplenty. And yes, Christina Aguilera, the modern day Marilyn Monroe (solely on image). Too bad for the fat, bloaty and pregnant Britney.

Highlight of the Grammys for me: John Legend, Best New Artiste. With a name like that, he better be stuff made of legends. He’s going to be the next Babyface. Song writing extraordinaire, with a voice to boot.

Irritating though, U2’s dominance. I have a sneaky suspicion its because Bono’s influence. Smartass, humanitarian efforts helped the band get more recognition.

I would love to spank Ciara’s ass. Oh man. 


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2 Responses

  1. eueu says:

    ciara is such a hottie in that shortie dress.
    btw, i thought grammys was so unexciting this year… hm.

  2. kelvinchin says:

    yeh. i skipped lectures to catch it.
    worth it though. to see that ass flirting under that dress.

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