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Sweatshop in our sunny island

Contrary to popular belief, Classifieds can be quite a read. The ad above is proof.

Imagine terms of your contract looking like this: Low pay! No off! Work on weekends!

Yes, don't start cursing. Don't complain. That is what we ugly Singaporeans expect from our maid. Why can't our employer expect the same. That's because they are more civilised. They see the need to respect their employees by virtue that they are humans. So much for being a developed city and having a world class airline. Our attitude here certainly stinks.The way I see it, most households here are no different from sweatshops.

On a lighter note, this is what my maid ad would be.

Live/ Webcast Interview. Don't know where Lucky Plaza is. Sexually confused( A less horny maid equates less trouble). Can teach math & science(Save tuition fees). Anorexic but energetic(Less food intake without compromising chores). Painting of maid in her full glory allowed. Oil paints and canvas not included. (Go figure. Hint: chia, p@p).

Chia Maids 6987 6543.

For a law cum human rights activist point of view, read Miss J's take on this here


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