moms like you choose kelvin


ramble bamble

be wary of whose ground you step on

Just as I thought I was gathering momentum on my studies, it all fell back onto my face. I just don't feel like anymore. Deja vu. Whatever attributed to my gross grades last semester is doing it again.

It doesn't get any better eh.

What are you up to fruitcake? If you're sick with your life, do something about it. Don't whine. And yes you had to do it. That's a spit on my face. No one spits on thy face cos I swear on your fuck face genes that I'm going to pummel your ego and face so bad, even the vultures refuse to claim.

I rarely mean it when I curse. But this time I mean it. So here it is, for good measure,

Nah Bei Chee Bye


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