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The ol man has great foresight. He went overseas on the day i finished my exams. That can only mean one thing. The tau-you-te-ka(pig's trotters in black sauce) for a week odd!

The agenda for the past few days? Food hunting and running errands. Food is my opium.

Some random happenings in the course of the week:

  1. I farted during my Making Sense of Society paper, when it was dead silent. Thankfully, it was odourless.
  2. Ironing and packing. Miss J wants me to give away 20% of my T-shirts. Not a chance!
  3. Worker's Party rally at Tampines.
  4. Took a certain party's poster off a lamp post.
  5. Bbq at ECP only to see a bunch of white wearing maniacs cycling and shout PAP.
  6. Timberlux Flea market.
  7. First time at the polls.

Give me a lift to stop every level of my house!


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