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Packing Woes

The time of the year. Evacuating the room and packing. When you have two individuals who have totally different packing styles, you know it's going to be a long afternoon. It didn't take long for all the lovey dovey to turn into animosity.

"No! Don't put it there!"

"Clear the rubbish!"

"We need to work faster!"

"Shouldn't you pack this way?"

Sweat, humidity, dust, mess, all the right ingredients for a mean dose of irritance. Thankfully there weren't any sharp objects around. I swear we would get to each others' necks in no time.

When all is done, you go for a good meal.

Place: IndoChine Empress Place.
Location: Waterfront, overlooking the Singapore River.
Refined IndoChinese cuisine, including Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian specialities. Basically, a modern fusion take on IndoChinese food.
Verdict: Great ambience. Food gave the tastesbuds quite a good workout. You could almost smell the Mekong River. Overall, a very pleasant meal albeit slightly pricey.

I love the animosity. It's through animosity you know someone better.


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