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lazy laziness lazy-dom

Days have been really lazy. Wake up at 4-ish, 5-ish. Sleep at 6.

Nocturnal activities include piracy watching downloaded materials, warcraft and household chores. Come next month, glueing to the tv screen would be included in the list. *Hot tip* Wager a small amount on the underdog team for the opening match. Who could forget 4 years back when France unceremoniously crash to Senegal. My hundred bucks went out of the window. I still have that betting slip somewhere. Damn.

Went to Ministry of Sound on Sat with Miss J and her visiting friends. They're cool. With loads of money to burn. Saw lao hiao aunties dancing so so so energetically. Puts most of us kiddos to shame. God knows how they're like in their heyday. And there's the Bhangra dancing Indians, who for some damn reason think whistling loudly is cool. The coconut trees ain't going to appear deh. Who can forget the white guys and asian spg combi. Soft porn on the dance floor. Good entertainment though. Their jeans better be authentic Levi's cos I sense a rapidly expanding bulge.

Ain't really a fan of the clubs these days. Everyone is getting old. I just wanna go to a bar, chill and people watch.

And of course be a voyeur of those bulges.


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