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All Hail Google

Google fudge cakes

Google fudge cakes

Google is taking over the world. Just look at the picture above, don't they look like urinal toilet cakes? Google wants to be in our toilets too! Check out the services Google offers, and mind you it's expanding faster than you can say "char kway tiao 1 plate". Gmail is god send. Google Earth makes you feel like a super secret agent. I don't use the rest, and so have no idea how useful they are.
Google quarterly sales surged past $2bn on 18 April 2006. That is an indication on how well it is doing.

Googleplex kitchen

Kitchen in Googleplex Sydney

Check out pictures of the Googleplex in Sydney here. Ok, how many CVs do I sense being drafted now.


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2 Responses

  1. Deb says:

    Are you kidding! I love GOOGLE! I use everything they offer. It’s a matter of time before they have the world at their feet (ahem, Bill Gates) and we have to start paying to continue our quality of life on the Internet. GOD SAVE GOOGLE (from corporate America). My only BEEF is the sweat shops who day and night (is that night and day?) are typing in phone books, menus, and anything else that gobbles (boy that’s close to Google) up a decent search, and who are are ruining the entire search experience. Oh well.

  2. kelvinchin says:

    Nah, I’m not a fan of the rest of their services.
    I’m not sure about the sweat shop thing though. Not in a million years I will pay for Internet services.
    hmmm google gobbles..

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