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ramble bamble


• Saw a big poster of some Malaysian Police head honcho saluting, who look suspiciously like Mahathir, with the words 'INTEGRITI' splashed across. Yeh right.

• 10 Ringgit for new movies. 6 for older ones. Nevertheless a good deal.

• Malaysians leave the cinema theatre even before the movie ends. Wtf. Only 3 waited for the short clip after the credits for Xmen3. Remember to stay till after the credits!

• Luck has it that I had to empty my bowels in JB. No toilet paper provided. They use hoses. (To wash, not stick up) Toilet seats totally gross. So how now brown cow? Popped a mentos, took serviettes from Coffee Bean, took a deep breath, adopted Shaolin half squat stance and gave it all. You could sense the euphoria after the last nugget.


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