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Of Fuck Names

Singapore is fast overtaking Hong Kong as the Asian country with the silliest English names. HongKongers usually go for simpler names . i.e Noodle, Sky, Fruit. We ,being Singaporeans, have to be special, have to be number one. We usually go for complex sounding ones. We have the ah lians naming themselves after chi-chi brands. i.e Chanel Ang. Gucci Goh. We like to bring in Greek and Latin influences. When we are clueless, we just name the child after an idol. i.e Beckham.

The worst I've heard and met is Bubble. *cue for slapping your forehead*

Enter Singapore Idol hopeful Primero Ang. My hor fun was screaming to jump out of the nostrils when I heard that name. It didn't help that he was trying a little too hard. Who the fuck sings a Blue song and expects to be taken seriously? Gastric juices were working overtime. I sincerely hope his brother isn't named Cefiro.

Still touching on names, we now come to Taufik. Yes, the one who is making a name for his Big Gulp antics rather than his singing. Overheard on the MRT train:

" Taufik's brother is call tau pok. His sister is call tau gay, father call tau kua. Mother is call tau kee."


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5 Responses

  1. shai says:

    omg kelvin!
    this post is hilarious!! =))
    its been a long time since i enjoy reading entries.. hahaha..keep it coming!!

  2. huibeng says:

    haha agree totally! but i especially like few of the names like mango n apple! so proud tt my parents give me a name ‘beng’ too. i am singaporean!!!

  3. clyde says:

    Primero Ang singing Blue pretty much sums up everything I absolutely despise of Singapore Idol. And any other XYZ Idol for that matter.

  4. xying says:

    u’ve a dry sense of humor heh

  5. shai says:

    kelvin is witty!! GUESS WHAT.. i didnt know there was a spore idol going on right now.. hardly touch the tv..haa.. but i did see abit of primera ang seeing that night and i cant believe this guy is on national tv!!! for fuck sake man!! hahah

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