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Taxis Are Conversations Dressed In Blue

Friday night was an impromptu Winebar session with the neighbour (no no, not the ex). Thank goodness it was media night. 1 for 1 all night. I hate paying for expensive drinks at Zouk. All in all it was nice catching up, meeting with people and escaping from the all-consuming World Cup.

I swear taxi uncles are the most colourful and amusing bunch of people in Singapore. As we were approaching our cab ( perks of chilling with a neighbour: cab fare split into digestible portions), I could feel the bass and amps pounding the pavement. You could imagine how friggin loud it was inside. Playing RnB, how funky is that.

Being ear-drum-loving people, we told the uncle to relax the volume. According to him, his amps are Bose. Wah! And he went on about how his son working in MOS burnt the CD for him blar blar blar. Any fuckbody can burn such a disc. We simply played along with him, entertained him, for fear that he will fry our ear drums. He even asked if we wanted to buy a car. Wtf. He mentioned he has a red Mx 5 at home, bought it for 200k, paid in cash. Double Wah! Basically he is your typical tua kang (As from Hokkien phrase literally meaning "big hole". Used to describe someone telling an exaggerated story, usually involving the teller doing something extraordinary) bloke.

As long as I don't get a sleepy taxi driver, I'm contented. 


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3 Responses

  1. xying says:

    well my fren father is a taxi driver but they have a peugeot.

  2. kelvinchin says:

    its not about whether they can afford a car. the point being the uncle was shooting his trap in a tua kang manner.

  3. eu says:

    i’m late hahaha…….!!!!!!!!!!
    yes, we are ear-drum-loving people.

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