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I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

2 weeks ago, I took part in a favourite Singaporean pastime. Queueing. Not for Hello Kitties, but for the SBTG Dunk Low Premium SB. For the uninitiated, SBTG is a name Singaporean designer Mark Ong works under. He made a name for himself as a shoe customiser. This is probably the meanest and dopest design he ever came out with.

25 hours, 1 big breakfast, 1 BK meal and god-knows-how-many fags later, I got my hands on the shoes. At a price of course. $229. Well spent if you ask me. I’ve never seen so much details and thought put into a pair of dunks. Highest bid in ebay currently is USD 275.


Queueing mayhem

Dior it is not. But it is sure as hell more exclusive than a Dior Gaucho.

Underground street wear is fast spreading its influence here. People are more willing to pay for exclusivity. Some collect them, some wear for bragging rights. Personally, I can’t bear to wear them.

If you happen to be in JB, pop into the Converse shop. They’re having 50% for most designs. Got a new pair for SGD 22.

Who’s in for the next sneaker release? Come on, sole some love.


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