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First days of school are always dreaded(or so claimed by many). But deep down inside, everyone looks forward to it. Be it the start of a primary school term or the university semester. Everyone wants a good start. Pencils sharpened, pens refilled and water bottles filled with ginseng water to the brim.

After 14 years of schooling, I still have the pre-jitters. Who is going to be the new teacher/lecturer? Who is going to be in my class? Are the girls going to be hot? Ok, I’m kidding myself. In my faculty, long-haired-F4-looking guys is as best as you can get.

As usual, went into lecture groggy, came out groggier.

When the labs and tutorials do kick in, it will be crazy.

Till then, it will be frantic printing, zapping and finding buyers for my damn textbooks.


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