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Of Being A Tourist in My Country

The last few days have been spent showing Take around Singapore and eating whatever our destinations have to offer. Take is this Japanese dude we met in our Phnom Penh guesthouse. I reckon he hasn’t been home for about half a year. He quit his job, went to Australia to study English for a couple of months and has been backpacking since. What would I give to drop my books and lead this nomadic lifestyle.

Take arrived on Monday evening. I brought him around Far East Plaza because I figured he probably had enough of Takashimayas and Isetans back in Japan. After which we met up with the rest of the Cambodia people at Altivo. Altivo marked the first time I see them in Singapore. Yeah, I went to Cambodia with 5 other strangers. Never imagined I could co- exist with so many strangers on a trip. You know how picky and fussy some people are when they travel. Pleasantly suprised we got along pretty well.

The second day was a more touristy affair. We hit Chinatown and Little India. Came across areas I’ve never seen during my 22 years in this country. It also marked the first time I stepped into an Indian temple.
Food for thought: A souvenir stall in Sri Mariamman temple. For profit or? Let’s not even get started on ultra rich churches and temples.

Dinner was at Chomp Chomp. The rest is gastronomic history.

Take came over to NUS for some soci lecture with Laurence and Ann. The poor dude. This is his first lecture in English and he came out having an headache. The initial plan was to check out Sentosa. Due to sucky weather, we went to the Esplanade instead. I think the Merlion is Singapore’s most well known attraction. Why? I do not know. All Take wanted to see was the Merlion. Since Sentosa was no longer in the plans, we brought him to the down-sized version at One Fullerton. I actually learnt a thing or two about my country from a Taiwanese tour guide. I was eavesdropping. Beer at Penny Black. Dinner and “sight seeing” at Geylang. Driving in Geylang during the peak period was a bitch.

The rest is gastronomic history, again.

Just for good measure, what my intestines had to work on the last 2 odd days:

shihlin xxl chicken. bubble tea. wine. bah kwa. gourmet bacon bahkwa. pork floss. fruits. green bean soup. chendol. har gao. siew mai. hokkien mee. sambal sting ray. sambal kang kong. sugar cane juice. carrot cake. satay beehoon. mango nata de coco. bbq chicken wings. roast chicken leg. salad. chocolate beans. hot chocolate with orange peel. belgian waffles with ice cream,bananas and chocolate sauce. beer. chilli crab. bread. kang kong. salad you tiao. beef hor fun. bean curd.


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