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The Heat is On

Following a laziness induced hiatus, here’s the obligatory update post.

Deluded hall mates’ Valentine’s Day fiasco. Their views on relationships and dates are so warped. All expecting  home run on the first date. Not wanting to give flowers just because she doesn’t want to follow you back to your room? Who do they take Singaporean girls for. Nothing against our neighbours up North, but thank goodness for our 1965 divorce. Their Singaporean ‘relationship mentor’ proved to be no better. Most cringe worthy moment? Witnessing them swirling and sniffing their cheapo wine in the most laughable kampong manner, educating me on the do’s and dont’s of drinking wine. Water is what you have in abundance, stick to it. No need for wine glasses or openers, just a wooden bucket and a well.

Miss J and I celebrated ours a month later. At Sage, The Restaurant. We found the flavours too intense. She’s a fan of minimalist food. She compares everything to Wild Rocket. I’m not sure if its because of the deconstructed cheesecake or just because we had our first Valentine’s meal there. Speaking of which, I had better bring her there soon. She would divorce me for the cheesecake.

2 weeks to the exams.

*p.s Miss J, if I happen to bring you to Wild Rocket after the exams, I just don’t want a messy divorce.


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