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This blog post wouldn’t materialise had the water wheel not do enough work to generate electricity. I was too lazy to update. Quickly before the electricity runs out, here are some updates.

I do not know where to start. I’ve lost track of events since the end of the exams. Speaking of exams, I’ve eradicated all C s. So that’s a good sign. Slowly, but surely.

Started internship at some calibration firm. Pretty dry and dull at times. If this is what work tastes like, I rather have my taste buds scrubbed off. Definitely a MNC for me in future. I’m considering other industries at the same time.

Miss J’ s family is in town for the summer. Religion has not been discussed but somehow I feel that is the crux of how they look at me. They treat me fine, but it’s one of those things you just know. Opinions formed after taking into account the lack of religion, not solely on my kind soul. Imagine this, what if religion hasn’t been conceived since the start of time. A religion-less world. There will be less trouble in this world. And there will be more electricity. Shit, I’m running low. In a bit.


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