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Who Moved My Pasta

Bought a Freitag finally. Recycled rubber never smelled so good. At a price of $299. Which also means I ought to not purchase anymore for this month. Less a nag-athon.

I’m not sure if it was my sub conscience, but whatever it was, it got me into a thrifty mode. I began cooking and packing my own lunches to work. I walked home everyday. Basically I didn’t have to spend a cent at work. Started with one main course. This week I’ve added a salad. In time to come, dessert. Hate it when auntie colleagues kept asking me if I cooked it amongst other stupid questions. “Do you like pasta?” This takes the cake. I pack it everyday. What do you think? Do Chinese have to eat rice everyday? Can it just simply be my choice? Think I busted a few stereotypes with my humble lunch tupperware.

This goes to prove one thing. I can’t stand and understand the generation of my parents, vice versa. They’re stereotypical and silly. Think looking and playing down of the coloured population in Singapore, the no-no s while nursing chickenpox, etc. Let’s not even get started with myths, superstitions and religion related behaviour. Sometimes the actions of such people in the name of their religion irks the hell out of me. I’m not generalizing , but referring to just the ones I am privileged to have met. There’s a vibe that their G-oh-dee is going to solve their problems and the sun will rise again. G-oh-dee becomes a convenient, sure-fire outlet. Or is it so? Whatever happened to taking matters into your own hands. It’s people like these that deter me from learning about religions.

The only religion I know? True Religion. Love your denim. Remember not to wash them often. Turn it inside out before wash.


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2 Responses

  1. jolly33 says:

    gotta love those denim

  2. kelvinC says:

    jees. you even commented on a year old post. fan of denim too?

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