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Look Mum, Plastic is Really Safe!

I quote from my IVLE forum:

When you microwave food, it is the water molecules that are heated, and the heat is generated through the agitation of the water dipoles. Hence, the temperature can never exceed 100C since the boiling point of water is 100C. So long as the plastic can stand 100C, it will be OK.

There is however the nagging fear that the plasticisers in the plastic container might leach out of the plastic and into the food. But there is no scientific evidence for this.

In other news, my aircon spoiled, last paper tomorrow, bristles on my toothbrush are fraying big time, aston’s steak at pgp is pretty good, the drink stall is fucking inefficient, the fong seng prata millionaire drives a fucking big lexus, my nails are a disaster, I haven’t bought clothes in 2 months, Kenya in a couple of days. Back to civilization in a wee bit more than 24 hours.

ps: the facebook applications invitations and shit, stop it already. pls.


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