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Pre Vietnam/Laos

Events leading to the start of this 1 month backpack trip were somewhat strenuous, both physically and mentally. Right after exams(which I did quite well, thankfully), massive packing and shifting. Miss J was on a tighter time line, even more packing and rushing. Celebrated my backpacking partner, Ry’s birthday at Prince of Wales. The next morning, her grandmother passed away. We were due to fly in a few hours time. Rushed to make some accommodation readjustments. It was rush after rush, after rush. Did not dawn on me I was going to be traveling alone.

36 hours after my last paper, I had to leave, alone, without time to catch up with family/friends, without a chance to be there for my mourning friend.

If there’s anything I learnt from these events, it would be adaptation.


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3 Responses

  1. jolly33 says:

    damn, that’s harsh. enjoy your trip though!

  2. jolly33 says:

    edit: i meant hope u’ve enjoyed your trip.

  3. kelvinC says:

    yeah i did. suffering from withdrawal symptoms now.

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