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Holy Communion

Communion services are painfully awkward if you’re a non believer/pre believer. The judgmental gaze from the smartly dressed holy elder, the bemused stares from people behind. You feel an invisible, mega voltage spotlight from the heavens shining down, making every unholy blemish and pimple stand out in the harsh and glaring beam.

People like me should not be made to feel bad about not wanting a biscuit and a drink. In view of this, I came up with some T-shirt slogans to be worn every first Sunday of the month. Works best with a grocery bag over your head.

1. Had Breakfast

2. Some Cream Cheese, Please?

3. Can I Smell The Cork Of The Wine Bottle?

4. Sorry, I Don’t Drink & Drive

5. I’m Vegetarian

Anyone interested in a design collaboration? On a side note, I have enlisted signed up for the Alpha course.


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One Response

  1. jolly33 says:

    hmm, hows the course coming along? i suggest “gluten-free”

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