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Of Being A Tourist in My Country

The last few days have been spent showing Take around Singapore and eating whatever our destinations have to offer. Take is this Japanese dude we met in our Phnom Penh guesthouse. I reckon he hasn’t been home for about half a year. He quit his job, went to Australia to study English for a couple of months and has been backpacking since. What would I give to drop my books and lead this nomadic lifestyle.

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• Saw a big poster of some Malaysian Police head honcho saluting, who look suspiciously like Mahathir, with the words 'INTEGRITI' splashed across. Yeh right.

• 10 Ringgit for new movies. 6 for older ones. Nevertheless a good deal.

• Malaysians leave the cinema theatre even before the movie ends. Wtf. Only 3 waited for the short clip after the credits for Xmen3. Remember to stay till after the credits!

• Luck has it that I had to empty my bowels in JB. No toilet paper provided. They use hoses. (To wash, not stick up) Toilet seats totally gross. So how now brown cow? Popped a mentos, took serviettes from Coffee Bean, took a deep breath, adopted Shaolin half squat stance and gave it all. You could sense the euphoria after the last nugget.

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locally foreign. foreignly local.

NUS becomes Chinatown during the weekends. Yes, I'm not home for the weekend, again.

Hopped onto the internal shuttle service. I thought I was at Tianamen.

Entered MacDonald's. I thought I was at some dumpling stall in Beijing.

Never felt so foreign. And someone please teach them how to order Macdonald's. I suspect they're trying to decipher what the hell is beef fÅn-tastic.

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