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Tom Yum Gone Wrong

I’m sure you’d have heard of the Thai soccer team fiasco by now.

Us being strongly patriotic Singaporeans, we show our displeasure. Not by burning flags, but by way of our Msn nicks. Some are degratory, some are funny.

This by far takes the cake,

<nick>to thais: u build the national stadium doesnt mean your father owns it

I love Thailand, dont get me wrong. I’m sure we don’t mean it. We’re more than willing to make peace over some green curry and pat thai….

After we lift the Asean Cup this Sunday.

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Of Being A Tourist in My Country

The last few days have been spent showing Take around Singapore and eating whatever our destinations have to offer. Take is this Japanese dude we met in our Phnom Penh guesthouse. I reckon he hasn’t been home for about half a year. He quit his job, went to Australia to study English for a couple of months and has been backpacking since. What would I give to drop my books and lead this nomadic lifestyle.

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How big is your G.A.P?

How does one know GAP has arrived in Singapore?

When you start seeing walking GAP advertisements. For some reason, we like to wear tees which have the brand emblazoned across our chest. The bigger the font, the better. Previously, it was Abecrombie & Fitch and American Eagle. Now, there is GAP.

Eyesore. Eyesore. Eyesore.

On a seperate note, I saw Dick Lee eating prata at Fong Seng. Decked in green pants. Always trust Dick to come up with something flamboyant.

Even his friend is a rich ass. Porsche Cayenne. Why do rich asses only hang out with rich asses?

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Taxis Are Conversations Dressed In Blue

Friday night was an impromptu Winebar session with the neighbour (no no, not the ex). Thank goodness it was media night. 1 for 1 all night. I hate paying for expensive drinks at Zouk. All in all it was nice catching up, meeting with people and escaping from the all-consuming World Cup.

I swear taxi uncles are the most colourful and amusing bunch of people in Singapore. As we were approaching our cab ( perks of chilling with a neighbour: cab fare split into digestible portions), I could feel the bass and amps pounding the pavement. You could imagine how friggin loud it was inside. Playing RnB, how funky is that.

Being ear-drum-loving people, we told the uncle to relax the volume. According to him, his amps are Bose. Wah! And he went on about how his son working in MOS burnt the CD for him blar blar blar. Any fuckbody can burn such a disc. We simply played along with him, entertained him, for fear that he will fry our ear drums. He even asked if we wanted to buy a car. Wtf. He mentioned he has a red Mx 5 at home, bought it for 200k, paid in cash. Double Wah! Basically he is your typical tua kang (As from Hokkien phrase literally meaning "big hole". Used to describe someone telling an exaggerated story, usually involving the teller doing something extraordinary) bloke.

As long as I don't get a sleepy taxi driver, I'm contented. 

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Weekend Sightings

Overly Helpful Dude

Overly helpful dude who stationed himself at the MRT ticketing booth. He helped EVERYONE who expressed interest in the machine.

Wish tree note 2 Wish tree note

Wish tree notes at some soba place in Paragon.

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Of Fuck Names

Singapore is fast overtaking Hong Kong as the Asian country with the silliest English names. HongKongers usually go for simpler names . i.e Noodle, Sky, Fruit. We ,being Singaporeans, have to be special, have to be number one. We usually go for complex sounding ones. We have the ah lians naming themselves after chi-chi brands. i.e Chanel Ang. Gucci Goh. We like to bring in Greek and Latin influences. When we are clueless, we just name the child after an idol. i.e Beckham.

The worst I've heard and met is Bubble. *cue for slapping your forehead*

Enter Singapore Idol hopeful Primero Ang. My hor fun was screaming to jump out of the nostrils when I heard that name. It didn't help that he was trying a little too hard. Who the fuck sings a Blue song and expects to be taken seriously? Gastric juices were working overtime. I sincerely hope his brother isn't named Cefiro.

Still touching on names, we now come to Taufik. Yes, the one who is making a name for his Big Gulp antics rather than his singing. Overheard on the MRT train:

" Taufik's brother is call tau pok. His sister is call tau gay, father call tau kua. Mother is call tau kee."

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singapore sweatshop

maid ad

Sweatshop in our sunny island

Contrary to popular belief, Classifieds can be quite a read. The ad above is proof.

Imagine terms of your contract looking like this: Low pay! No off! Work on weekends!

Yes, don't start cursing. Don't complain. That is what we ugly Singaporeans expect from our maid. Why can't our employer expect the same. That's because they are more civilised. They see the need to respect their employees by virtue that they are humans. So much for being a developed city and having a world class airline. Our attitude here certainly stinks.The way I see it, most households here are no different from sweatshops.

On a lighter note, this is what my maid ad would be.

Live/ Webcast Interview. Don't know where Lucky Plaza is. Sexually confused( A less horny maid equates less trouble). Can teach math & science(Save tuition fees). Anorexic but energetic(Less food intake without compromising chores). Painting of maid in her full glory allowed. Oil paints and canvas not included. (Go figure. Hint: chia, p@p).

Chia Maids 6987 6543.

For a law cum human rights activist point of view, read Miss J's take on this here

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rivalry of a certain strawberry cheescake


Wild Rocket at Mount EmilySecluded at the top of Upper Wilkie Road, lies a gem of a cheesecake.

Not your conventional slice of cake. Instead it’s deconstructed in a martini glass, with maple walnut icecream.

I don’t usually have food competing for affection with me, but this is one hell of a worthy opponent.

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ngo oi lei

For some odd reason, cantonese songs have an uncanny nag of tugging at heartstrings.

I’m such a sucker for that dialect. Sing me a cantonese song, I will love you.

I’m a wannabe Hongky stuck in Singapore.


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