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Whose Tube? Youtube.

Toilet Suprise : Trust the Japs to come out with this. Beware of your next outdoor toilet visit.

Learn to drift : Tiff Needell of Fifth Gear fame teaches you how to burn some rubber on the tarmac. Please do not try it in Singapore.

HK bus uncle : Yep, its him.

Tokyo Breakfast : Some spoof comedy. Japanese acting like niggas.

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'Commando Car' : Hardcore military zhng-ing freak.

Howie's Game Shack : Kick ass lan shop.

ASCII Generator : Have fun with ASCII.

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pink eucalyptus in town

I don't miss home. I miss having the car to drive out for suppers.

I hope the ol' man does not technorati and find this post.

Meanwhile, there should be a module for popular television culture. Especially for those nus-hall-staying-shameless-torrent-downloaders-cum-sharers. (Not suprising when it takes only a few seconds to download an episode)

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  • InsideOut : Singapore through the eyes of migrant workers. Beautiful, beautiful.
  • Goatse : Sick shit. Don’t google for pics. I’ve warned you.

It’s pretty damn hard to forget. The shitty thing about it?

When I drink alphabet soup, the only letters that appear are L,O,U,S,Y. Plus a whole lot of pepper for garnish.

I don’t know what to make of it. Life has to go on. But its hard to be the same again.

Never seriously pursued anything in my life. My first attempt has been ditched-dunked-fucked-screwed.

I’m suprised I’m still trying.

Someone give me an award. come on!

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So here I am, having skipped my first lecture. I planned to follow it through Webcast in the luxury of my room, but it screwed on me. The next best thing to do?  Breakfast, Channel News Asia and watching a compulsive HK cafe gamer cum online spree-er depriving me Internet time. Looks like I have to catch it another time, that’s if I gather enough discipline to do so. That’s the downside of missing lectures and relying on Webcasts.

On a seperate note, fuck royalties we have to pay for textbooks.
Maybe I should free load on borrow from others. I seldom refer to textbooks anyway.

I hear they are giving away free slabs of lamb meat at mosques. I crave noodley soupy stuff when it rains. And it didn’t help a bit when all canteens in NUS are closed on public holidays.Can I have mee rubus and mee siam too?

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